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recorded covers / mp3s

The Arrogants - You Trip Me Up [MP3]

Bart & Friends - You Trip Me Up
On the 10 Songs About Cars & Girls LP

Terry Edwards plays instrumentals of Never Understand, Everything's Alright When You're Down, The Hardest Walk, and Break Me Down
available on the album "Terry Edwards Play The Music Of Jim & William Reid"

Elf Power - Upside Down
On the Come On mini LP

the Fairlanes - Between Planets
On The New Frontier compilation by Soda Jerk Records.

Findlay Brown - Just Like Honey
On Losing The Will To Survive 7"/CD/DL [Audio]

Marie Frank - Happy When It Rains
Danish artist recorded this in 2000, available only on the website [Real Audio - in "Marie's Music Box"]

J Church - Kill Surf City [Real Audio]

Kerosene 454 - Upside Down

Legião Urbana - Head On
available on the album "Acústico MTV" ("MTV Unplugged") - it was recorded in 1992 but only released in 1999. [website]

A Little Tribute To The Jesus And Mary Chain
Los Hermanos Dalton "Psychocandy"; Automatics "Sidewalking"; El Inquilino Comunista "The Hardest Walk"; Erospóly "Reverence"; Honey Langstrumpf "Taste of Cindy"
A Spanish tribute album released by Mysterious Sentridoh Records 1995

Love Like Blood - April Skies
On the Chronology of a Love Affair covers compilation

Marauders - Sidewalking
B-side on their 7" vinyl single Galley-slave or on their album The Puppet String's Too Tight. [Real Audio]

Neither Neither - Darklands [MP3]

Michael Norton - Snakedriver [MP3]

the Pixies - Head On
available on the album "Trompe Le Monde" and as a single

Planet Zen - Taste of Cindy
French band, covered ToC on a maxi CD single around 1994

Primal Scream - Darklands
available on the single "If They Move, Kill 'em"

Hope Sandoval - Drop
available on the album "Bavarian Fruit Bread"

Scout - You Trip Me Up
available on a bootleg called "Scout Mask Replica" on Impossible Recordworks [website]

Sandie Shaw - About You
More info coming soon..

Shop Assistants covered You Trip Me Up
released through 'The Legend!' fanzine

The Silver Surfer - Happy Place [MP3]
available on their "Honestly" EP and as a b-side on their "If I Was A Girl" CD single

Superdrag - Never Understand [MP3]

Tralala - Never Understand
Released on their self-titled album Tralala. A review says "they file in a worthy cover of the Jesus and Mary Chain's "Never Understand," removing the fuzz and showcasing that band's penchant for Beach Boys-style exuberance."

Transmutator / UVX [Real Audio]
Not technically a cover but the website says the following :
Transmutator are an American band recording for a label called Cleopatra. UVX remixed one of their tunes, 'My Beautiful Friend', by recording an industrial rock track called 'Brighton Rock' because of its movie samples. It also samples The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Various Artists
Available on the Planting Seeds Records JAMC covers compilation Some Candy Talking:
Here Comes Alice - Callgirl Candy
Almost Gold - Outerspace
Taste The Floor - Wall of Psycho
Sidewalking - Ultrastar
Good For My Soul - Spy Ring
Medley: Just Like Honey/Blues From A Gun/I Hate Rock & Roll - Paisley
Taste Of Cindy - Skywave
Deep One Perfect Morning - Dakota mp3 clip
Head On - Ariel
Never Understand - Drift
Everything's Alright When You're Down - Jiva
Nine Million Rainy Days - Swift
Reverence - Le Vainquere
Down On Me - Tag
Birthday - Jesus Mafia
Between Planets - Curbfeeler
Sowing Seeds - E. Foundation
Sugar Ray - Smothered In Hugs
The Perfect Crime - The Lizzies
Don't Ever Change - Sunday Smoke Kit

Chris Whitley covered Some Candy Talking
available on his album "Din Of Ecstasy"

Wilt - April Skies [MP3]
Recorded for the Steve Lamacq Radio 1 Evening Sessions. Available on the No Worries cd single #2.

Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 - Just Like Honey [MP3]
Recorded July 19, 2001. WFMU (New Jersey)

live covers

3D TV - In With the Outcrowd

Benjamin Wagner Deluxe - Head On
Sidewalk Cafe in New York, 1998

BuckPets - Frequency
available on a bootleg of their March 25, 1992 show @ The Zoo in Fayetteville, Arkansas, titled Textbook Unregulation

Frames DC - Head On

(allegedly) Manic Street Preachers - Just Like Honey

Paisley - Blues From A Gun

the Pastels - You Trip Me Up
Performed live in Paris in 1998. Steven Pastel introduced the song by the following words: "The kids and us have quite similar tunes."

the Pogues - Darklands
Performed at the Manchester Apollo in about '89/90

the Shins - Taste of Cindy

Television Personalities - Never Understand, Upside Down, Just Like Honey, You Trip Me Up
[ed : I have no idea what this means but...] live covers as part of an extended "Salvador Dali" on Camping In France (bootleg?) - 12/84

UltraStar - Sidewalking
@ live gigs in Sydney, Australia, in 1998

bands admitting influence

the April Tears
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Cornelius (Japan) - have a song that mentions "Just Like Honey" on their Fantasma album
the Cure
The Melancholic Youth of Jesus (Portugal)
Love and Rockets - have been known to mention their liking of Psychocandy
My Bloody Valentine
Paisley (Finland)
Pop Will Eat Itself - recorded a song called "Candydiosis"
Power of Dreams (Ireland)
Sonic Youth - recorded a song called "Under the Influence of the Jesus and Mary Chain"
Swift (USA)
Wall of Psycho (Portugal)

band names

Automatic (Australia)
Automatics (Spain)
Honeyrider (CA, USA)
Taste The Floor - apparently a hardcore band from Roma, Italy
The Living End
The Melancholic Youth of Jesus
Sindy Kills Me - Swedish pop/rock-group
The Superjesus - mix of Supergrass, Superchunk, Supergroove, Jesus Lizard and the Jesus and Mary Chain

sound/words like the JAMC

Ash - Jesus Says
Garbage - Happy When It Rains
Los Planetas (The Planets) - Super 8 EP has a song called "Jesus"
the Melancholic Youth of Jesus - Wanderlust EP
Pink Noise Test - Electric Train EP
The Primitives - All The Way Down
The Raveonettes